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Hollywood Baby Dramas; Lindsay Lohan`s Legal Woes

Aired August 7, 2007 - 23:00:00   ET


BROOKE ANDERSON, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT ANCHOR: Lindsay Lohan reportedly in rehab, but will it keep her out of jail? And watch your mailboxes everybody. Paris Hilton is answering her mail. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.
On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Hollywood`s explosive new baby daddy dramas. Eddie Murphy finally fesses up he is the daddy of Scary Spice`s baby, so why is Scary still so scary angry?

And why are Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards at each other`s throats again over their two little girls? Tonight Charlie`s startling new claims about Denise, as SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you the war of the mommies and the daddies.

Hollywood`s first wives club. Divorce is hard enough, but imagine going through it under the bright spotlight of Hollywood. How do Hollywood wives deal with seeing their ex-husband start new lives with new women?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Every time your man dates someone else or marries someone else, you have to see it on the cover of every magazine.


ANDERSON: Tonight, something lots of women can relate to, a SHOWBIZ special report, Hollywood first wives club.

Hi there everyone. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. AJ is off tonight. And right now the big question for Lindsay Lohan is will she go to jail or is it possible that rehab could be her get out of jail free card? That is coming up.

But, first, oh mama. Do we have a couple of nasty daddy dramas going on in Hollywood tonight. And, you know what the shame is, that kids are caught in the middle of their parents` childish behavior. The Charlie Sheen-Denise Richards feud exploded again today with nasty claims coming from both sides, and then there`s the Eddie Murphy-Scary Spice drama. OK, all of this has us here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT asking could it get any worse?


ANDERSON (voice-over): You laugh at Charlie Sheen on TV`s top rated comedy, "Two and A Half Men." And you laugh at Eddie Murphy in, well, just about every movie he does.

But these giants of comedy are having some serious drama of the baby mama variety.

JULIA ALLISON, "STAR MAGAZINE": Both Charlie Sheen and Eddie Murphy can`t control their baby mamas.

ANDERSON: Charlie sheen is battling quite publicly with his ex-wife Denise Richards over custody arrangements for their two small daughters. And Eddie Murphy is fighting with his ex-girlfriend, Melanie Brown, AKA Scary Spice, about the baby daughter they conceived during their brief relationship.

PATRICK HUEGENIN, "NEW YORK DAILY NEWS" It mirrors what a lot of people in this country go through.

ANDERSON: Yes, we all know family situations are delicate personal matters, so you would think these issues would be treated with the privacy and tact that they deserve. Are you kidding me? This is Hollywood. Here they give press conferences, like Melanie Brown did publicly asking Eddie Murphy to play a role in their daughter`s life.

MELANIE BROWN, SCARY SPICE: There are millions and millions of single mothers, and their children who don`t have a voice. Those children also have a right to know their fathers, and I call on those fathers to ignore the poor role model that Eddie has been.

ANDERSON: Or they give TV interviews, like Charlie Sheen`s chat with a celebrity news show. Sheen tells Entertainment Tonight he wants an extra weekend a month with his two kids with Denise Richards. He also wants fewer phone calls from mommy ex during those visits, and for Denise`s nanny to stop tagging along during those visits.

In short, he says, quote, what I am doing is pursuing a relationship with my daughters that is unpolluted.

HUGUENIN: What we need to see is what kind of ammunition he actually has, and if he can prove that his custody demands are legitimate.

ANDERSON: And in the E.T. interview Sheen also drops one bombshell of a charge against his ex-wife. He is claiming that she asked him to donate some of his sperm so she could have a third child.

ALLISON: An interesting gift in the midst of a pretty acrimonious divorce.

ANDERSON: "Star Magazine`s" Julia Allison tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that if true, that`s an interesting request.

ALLISON: Yes, along with that child support, I`m going to need a vial of your sperm. Don`t mind, right? So he is, like, hell no.

ANDERSON: Sheen`s actual response was even more colorful. He tells Entertainment Tonight, quote, I would sooner, in exactly what I`m wearing, walk on the surface of the moon.

I guess that`s a no. Meanwhile, Melanie Brown is accusing Eddie Murphy of wanting nothing to do with their baby Angel. In a press conference with celebrity attorney Gloria Allred by her side, Brown claimed Murphy was supportive of her pregnancy at first.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What did he say to you when you told him you were pregnant? Was he excited?

BROWN: Yes. It was planned. We were both really excited. Very.

ALLISON: Maybe she really does think that they planned. Melanie goes to Eddie, you like kids. And he is, like, yes, they`re OK. That is family planning in Hollywood. Right there.

ANDERSON: Planned or not, Brown says Murphy dumped her weeks into the pregnancy. Soon after that Murphy publicly questioned whether he was the unborn baby`s father. A few months and one DNA test later Murphy is changing his stun. In a statement his publicist tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, quote, Eddie Murphy always has and will continue to honor his responsibilities as a father. He acknowledges paternity of the child, Angel, and has paid child support to Ms. Brown, as well as covering the expenses of her pregnancy.

GLORIA ALLRED, ATTORNEY: He has not indicated that he is planning to see his daughter.

ANDERSON: But Ms. Brown`s attorney, Gloria Allred, tells me money is not the only matter here.

ALLRED: He still has not taken care of Melanie`s primary concern, and that is that he visit the baby, that he hold the baby, that he see the baby, that he love the baby, that he bond with the little daughter.

ANDERSON: Of course, from Hassellhof versus Bach to Baldwin versus Bassinger, ugly and public battles over children are not uncommon among Hollywood exes.

ALLISON: I think celebrities get really confused by press and start to think that the only way they can fight with their significant others is through press.

ANDERSON: And with the Sheen-Richards, Brown-Murphy battles going on, it makes one wonder, how the kids will fair in all this public nastiness.


ANDERSON: Those are some wild claims Charlie Sheen is making about his ex-wife. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reached out to Denise Richards to find out if she had any comment about them. The response from her publicist, no comment.

OK, tonight we hate to ask this question; with Lindsay Lohan back in rehab for a third time, could it be a ploy to win a get out of jail free card? Lindsay is reportedly at a posh rehab facility in Utah for a minimum of 30 days, but there`s a hitch. She also needs to be in two courtrooms on her train wreck DUI and cocaine charges August 24th before those 30 days are up.

With us tonight from Atlanta, our good friend Judge Glenda Hatchett of the "Judge Hatchett Show." Judge Hatchett, we always love having you with us.


ANDERSON: And from Hollywood investigative journalist Jane Velez- Mitchell, author of the fascinating new book "Secrets Can Be Murder." Nice to have you both. All right. Lindsay Lohan reportedly checked into the Chic Cirque Lodge Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facility knowing full well that she may have to get on a plane to head to court. Judge Hatchett, will she get any kind of break because she is in rehab? What do you think?

HATCHETT: I don`t know that she`ll get a break. I think one of two things will happen, Brooke. Either her attorneys will go in and ask for the case to be continued past the 24 -- August 24th. And, of course, you have two courts. We have one in Santa Monica, and the other going on in Beverly Hills. Or, because it`s an arraignment, it`s a preliminary hearing, the judge could waive her presence.

The attorney could go in and say either not guilty or we want to do this later or we`re going to have a trial. But I don`t think the fact that she has checked herself into rehab is going to ultimately be her get out of jail free card. I just don`t think it`s going happen.

ANDERSON: OK, and the thought of this possibly even dragging out any longer is something I can not bare to even consider.

HATCHETT: Oh, I know. We may be looking at this for several months, seriously.

ANDERSON: Seriously. OK, you know, it seems that everything concerning celebrity court dramas these days is really impacted by what we here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT call the Paris effect. The officials are concerned about showing even a hint of special treatment. Jane, what do you think? Bad news for Lindsay?

JANE VELEZ MITCHELL, INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST: Absolutely, Brooke. You are absolutely right. Paris Hilton has totally changed the landscape. The public made it crystal clear they do not want celebrities to get special treatment that nobody, nobody in America, is too rich, too famous, or too pretty for prison or jail.

So that is bad news for Lindsay because now judges are human beings. They know the public wants to see the due time if they`ve done the crime. And I think it`s going to be a lot of pressure to see Lindsay do some time behind bars.

ANDERSON: You know, Lindsay, it seems she`s kind of in deep trouble here. Paris`s 23 days in jail could seem like a day at the country club. Lindsay is facing two cases involving DUI and cocaine charges. Judge, you`re saying pales in comparison. Worst case scenario, what`s she looking at here?

HATCHETT: Worst case scenario, just with the charges that she was facing on the DUI in both of the situations, we`re talking about six months, plus six months. We`re talking about possibly 12 months. And, Brooke, that`s before we were talking about not one, but two felony charges related to the cocaine. And if the DA decides that there is enough evidence to charge her with kidnapping for these guys that were in the car that she allegedly got in and car-jacked -- and car-jacking, then we`re really talking about what could be multiple years of a sentence.

This is very serious, and she needs to take it very seriously. And the fact that she also allegedly said that she was a celebrity and none of this would stick is a problem -- really a problem for her going forward.

ANDERSON: Yes. And a judge might take that into consideration.

HATCHETT: Oh, my goodness, absolutely. You`re right, Jane. We are human, and the reality is that when you have someone who keeps snubbing their nose -- she`s been in trouble before. Now she`s supposedly in this high speed chase, and then supposedly has cocaine on her, and now checks into another rehab center -- this is not an easy issue for her. And she needs to take it seriously.

ANDERSON: Absolutely serious charges that could potentially be mounting. And, you know, it could be a while before these cases go to trial.


ANDERSON: If Lindsay can be convincing that this time she was serious about rehab, Jane, do you think that could help her avoid jail? Maybe a sympathy factor here.

MITCHELL: Well, she is, after all, an actress. So if anybody can go in there and convince the judge that she`s humble and contrite and has changed, I would think it would be Lindsay Lohan. This is going to be the performance of her lifetime when she walks through the court. I would suggest that she is humble; she is contrite; and she very forcefully says, judge, I have changed. I have hit bottom. I see the light. I know I`m an alcoholic. I know I`m an addict. I hadn`t taken this seriously enough. I have changed. Please give me another chance.

I would think that she should try to make some kind of deal. Her attorney should do what Nicole Richie did and try to take some token time in jail and know, well, I got to do some time, so I will plea bargain and do some token time, and then I will do everything. I will do alcohol education. I will do rehab. I will go to therapy. I will do whatever it takes to get my life on track. And I think if she`s humble enough, the judge might buy it.

ANDERSON: And she may be rehearsing that performance as we speak.

HATCHETT: She may well be.

ANDERSON: Judge Glenda Hatchett, Jane Velez Mitchell, thank you both for your insight. We do appreciate it.

All right. Now we want to hear from you. It is our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. Lindsay Lohan reportedly in rehab, will it keep her out of jail? Vote CNN.com/SHOWBIZTONIGHT. Send us an email, SHOWBIZTONIGHT@CNN.com.

Need a little light reading tonight? How about a handwritten letter from Paris Hilton? Coming up, deep thoughts with Paris in her own words, and, yes, she dots her I`s with little hearts, believe it or not. So who is she writing to, and what does the letter say? That`s coming up.

Also this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Every time your man dates someone else or marries someone else, you have to see it on the cover of every magazine.


ANDERSON: Divorce, hard enough, but can you imagine going through it in public? How do Hollywood wives deal with seeing their ex-husbands start new lives with new women? Straight ahead, something lots of women can relate to, a SHOWBIZ special report, Hollywood`s first wives club.

Next, it is pay back time with the most bankable stars in Hollywood. Who do you think gets more bang for the buck? Matt Damon or Brad Pitt? There are some real surprises when it comes to who is making what kind of money. Stay where you are. We`re coming right back.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment new show. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. All right, I have a question for you; who do you think is the most bankable actor or actress in Hollywood? Not the highest paid, but the one who delivers the most bang for the buck? All right, let`s start with the actors. Do you think it`s Matt Damon, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, or Russell Crowe.

Hold on to that thought. Let`s take a look at the actresses now. Do you think it`s Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon or maybe Julia Roberts? Think you know? Well, the answers will definitely shock you.

Forbes.com is out with a new fascinating list called the ultimate star payback. With us tonight in New York Forbes associate editor Lea Goldman. You know, Lea, I have to tell you, I thought I knew it all. But, you know, then I saw your list, and I really could not believe it. Some of the actors -- we`ve got Matt Damon, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Russell Crowe. You would think it would be Tom Cruise, but it turns out to be Matt Damon. How is he more bankable than Tom Cruise?

LEA GOLDMAN, FORBES.COM: Surprise, surprise. When Forbes.com set about doing this first-ever star payback list, we looked at compensation, how much these people made off of box office DVD, how much the total budget the film costs, and what we learned is that the highest paid actors in Hollywood are not the best investment. You have guys like Matt Damon who get paid significantly less than the Will Smith`s and the Tom Cruise`s.

Their films cost less. They don`t star in these big budget crazy action picks, and they deliver more bang for the buck. They get people into the theaters. People buy the DVDs, and at the end it`s a better investment.

ANDERSON: So not the ones earning the most money. Moving down the list, the second most bankable actor on Forbes ultimate star payback list is Brad Pitt. You know, the "Oceans 13" franchise does well. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" a moderate success. But how is he a better investment than, say, Tom Cruise?

GOLDMAN: Brad Pitt appears at number two on the list for his last three films. For every dollar he made, he enjoyed about 24 dollars in gross income for his films. And the reason why is because of the overseas box office. This man is a mitus when it comes to the foreign press, foreign box office. His movies sometimes do three times better overseas, which is a testament to how global the industry has become.

It doesn`t matter how you do in the U.S. anymore. It matters also what you do overseas.

ANDERSON: Got to have worldwide appeal. The Forbes.com ultimate star payback list actually has a tie for third. Johnny Depp, Vince Vaughn; Leah, how does Vince Vaughn even come close to Captain Jack Sparrow?

GOLDMAN: Right, these two guys really epitomize what`s going on in Hollywood? You have Johnny Depp making over 20 million dollars a picture, enjoying a piece of the back end, starring in ridiculously expensive movies that cost over 200 million dollars a pop, versus Vince Vaughn who makes far, far less, appears in modestly budgeted comedies, like "Wedding Crashers" and "Dodgeball." These are cheap films to make. And yet, they deliver the audiences.

Who didn`t see "Wedding Crashers?" That was the phenomena of that year. As a result, both do very well at the box office, relative to their budgets and relative to their price.

ANDERSON: Go ahead, sorry.

GOLDMAN: I was going to say, they operate at two separate ends of the spectrum.

ANDERSON: Very true. OK, moving now to the most bankable actresses. We asked which of four women, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, or Julia Roberts, delivered the biggest bang for the buck. Leah, Jennifer Aniston, you know, she hasn`t had a stellar record recently in terms of box office success.

GOLDMAN: Surprise. Surprise. We were as shocked as everyone else is. But the reality is this is a woman who doesn`t make that much compared to a Nicole Kidman or a Reese Witherspoon, who sometimes double her fee. But in her film -- she stars in generally romantic comedies -- are pretty cheap to make.

You know, there is a fan base for Jennifer Aniston that just want to see Rachel Green. So that Rachel Green "Friends" contingent more than meets the budget, more than doubles her, you know, salary. She really comes out ahead, relative to her higher paid actresses.

ANDERSON: Another shocker, number two, you`ve got Angelina Jolie. Don`t get me wrong, terrific actress. But give me the hard numbers. How does she come out ahead of, say, a very popular America`s sweetheart like Julia Roberts?

GOLDMAN: Now, keep in mind that, yes, "A Mighty Heart" was a mighty dud, so she does have some things going against her. "A Mighty Heart" was too soon to count in this equation. But she stars in -- she is a modestly paid actress, and she stars in modest successes. "Mr. and Mrs. Smith," "Troy" was a big movie. She is a -- she`s a bankable actress. Versus a Julia Roberts who, A, hasn`t been starring in a film in years really. I mean, this is not a woman who is out there very much.

ANDERSON: Expanding her family. The salaries still astound me. Lea Goldman, we`ll have to leave it there. Thanks so much.

GOLDMAN: Thank you.

ANDERSON: You can check out the rest of the ultimate star payback list at Forbes.com.

All right. So there is a video that is all over the Internet that is absolutely having all of us in stitches today.


MATT DAMON, ACTOR: Who the hell are you?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I am the Bourne Identity.

DAMON: Are you from Kimmel?


ANDERSON: This is just hilarious. Jimmy Kimmel`s spoof of the "Bourne Ultimatum" starring Matt Damon himself. You really have to see the whole thing. We`ve got it coming up.

You know, divorce hard enough, but can you imagine going through it in public? How do Hollywood wives deal with seeing their ex-husbands start new lives with new women? Coming up, something lots of women can relate to; a SHOWBIZ special report, Hollywood`s first wives club.

And how would you like Paris Hilton for your pen pal, and I by pen I do mean penitentiary. Everybody cross your T`s, dot your I`s with little hearts. I`ve got a hand written letter from her next.


ANDERSON: Poor, poor Paris Hilton. Tonight I`ve got startling, appalling details of why she got rashes on her arms and face while in jail. Rashes, "People Magazine" says, were from her standard issued thin bed sheets. Yes, 500 thread Egyptian cotton, they were not.

But Paris did have pen and paper. And tonight I`ve got your first look at the letter she sent her prison pen pals. Take a look at this literary masterpiece that TMZ.com got ahold of. This is what Paris sent her fans, photo copied, of course. Here`s some of it, "I read your letter and just wanted to thank you for your kind words of love and support. The fact that you took time out of your day to write me truly means the world, especially at such a difficult and scary time in my life. But I am being strong and trying to make the best out of the situation. And the letter I am receiving -- the letters I`m receiving really do put a smile on my face as I sit here in my cell, sad and alone."

By the way, Paris has been out of jail for about a month, and her fans are just getting these now. All right. Divorce, hard enough, but imagine going through it in public. How do Hollywood wives deal with seeing their ex-husbands start new lives with new women? Straight ahead, something many women can relate to. A SHOWBIZ special report, Hollywood`s first wives club.

And Tori and Dean are back for more in their reality show, but are they at all concerned about the reality show curse? Plenty of couples that invited cameras into their marriage are now kaput. Wait until you hear Tori and Dean`s theory on that one. What they told me straight ahead. Also this.


DAMON: Who the hell are you?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I am Bourne Identity.

DAMON: Are you from Kimmel?


ANDERSON: Absolutely hilarious. Jimmy Kimmel`s spoof of the "Bourne Ultimatum" starring Matt Damon himself. You really have to see this. It had me in stitches today. That is coming up. Stay with us.



ANDERSON: On SHOWBIZ TONIGHT as Hollywood`s First Wives Club, tonight so many stars married, divorced. Exes left shock and upset. How do Hollywood first wives deal with ex-husbands starting new lives with new women?


Every time your man dates someone else, or marries someone else, you have to see it on the cover of every magazine.


ANDERSON: It`s the painful, emotional struggles so many women can relate to. Tonight, a revealing look at Hollywood`s First Wives Club. It`s a SHOWBIZ TONIGHT special report.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Brooke Anderson in New York. A.J. Hammer is off tonight.

Well, we all know that so many Hollywood couples fall in love, get married, and get divorced faster than a New York minute. Often leaving stunned and bitter exes behind, and then the big question becomes can they bounce back? And just how do they make it through such a painful and emotional time? Well, it`s something so many women everywhere can relate to and can learn from.

Right here, right now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is giving respect to the Hollywood`s First Wives Club. And, boy, do they need it. You go, girls. It`s a revealing SHOWBIZ TONIGHT special report.


JILL DOBSON, CELEBRITY JOURNALIST: If you think being a first wife is hard, try being a first wife in Hollywood. Every time your mandates someone else or marries someone else, you have to se it on the cover of every magazine, of every newsstand you walk about.

ANDERSON: And Brad Pitt`s first wife, Jennifer Aniston, knows that tune all too well. After their divorce in January 2005, brad wasted no time getting over Jen.

DOBSON: Jen famously said that Brad was missing a sensitivity chip when their relationship ended, and that was clear by how quickly he entered into a full-fledged family with Angelina.

ANDERSON: In a matter of months Brad was hot and heavy with "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" co-star Angelina Jolie. Two years and four kids later, the Jolie-Pitt clan is hard to escape. No one will ever know how the first Mrs. Pitt really feels about her ex, but she let the world know that life would go on.

Jennifer Aniston got herself on the cover of "Vanity Fair" immediately to let us all know she`s fine. She looks great, and she`s OK. Now, imagine having to do that.

ANDERSON: Hollywood is full of first wives. Ivana Trump is one of the more famous. Her status as the first Mrs. Donald Trump, Marla and Melania followed respectively, even scored her the cameo in the comedy hit "The First Wives Club."

IVANA TRUMP: Don`t get mad. Get everything.

ANDERSON: And actress Amy Irving took that advice to heart. Amy, first wife to director Steven Spielberg, walked away with a cool $100 million of Spielberg`s fortune. A payout that might have lessened the pain of seeing Steven remarry and live happily ever after with second wife Kate Capshaw and their six children. Other first wives might take the sweet revenge approach. Perhaps best portrayed in the Hollywood hit "The First Wives Club."

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I want him dumped by little Miss Midriff . By that Stair Master, Loreal, crotch jockey in front of everyone in the Western Hemisphere, on the 6 o`clock news, OK?

ANDERSON: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has another first wife who may echo Bette Midler`s thoughts exactly. Mary Jo Eustace watched as Tori Spelling ran away with her husband, Dean McDermott.

DOBSON: Dean McDermott was married to his wife Mary Jo for more than a decade. He`s an actor and he met Tori Spelling on a TV movie that he shot with her, and immediately the fireworks flew. Tori and Dean`s relationship moved very quickly. They got engaged right away, got married right away, and just recently had their first baby.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I gave Aaron a home, and I gave him a daughter. I washed his shorts, ironed them and I starched them.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yeah. Well, I mean, I supervised.

COOPER LAWRENCE, RELATIONSHIP EXPERT: We made the guy what he is. We put him together, we trained him, we cut his hair, we dressed him, and he is fabulous, and now she gets him. She gets the benefit of our hard work.

ANDERSON: Heather Locklear and former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres are two more members of the First Wives Club who had to watch as their hubby said bye-bye to them and hello to the next Mrs. Right. Heather is wife number one to Bon Jovi`s Richie Sambora.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It appeared Richie left heather for her best friend, Denise Richards.

ANDERSON: Former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres feels that pain. She married Latin singing sensation Marc Anthony not once, but twice.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Very quickly after his marriage ended with Dayanara, within months, he was with Jennifer Lopez and walking down the aisle again.

ANDERSON: So SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has an idea for the first wives of Hollywood. Unite.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I mean, if all the first wives of the world got together, what else do we need?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Just one amazing attorney.

ANDERSON: And "Star" magazine`s Jill Dobson says SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, she agrees.

DOBSON: First wives of Hollywood, here`s my advice to you. Follow Ivana`s motto, don`t get mad, get everything.

ANDERSON: And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has your leader, Demi Moore, first wife to Bruce Willis, and now first wife to Ashton Kutcher, who is 15 years her junior.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She didn`t wallow. She is better than ever. And she is with this much younger, really hot guy that any one of us would be thrilled to be with, so she`s a really good example of a first wife who has just spun it on him.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: First Wives Club, come to order.


ANDERSON: Well, this Hollywood marriage stuff is never black and white, right? For example, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott were both married to their first spouses when they met each other. They ditched those relationships and now Tori and Dean are married. Follow that? They now have a baby, run an inn and have a reality TV show.

You have so stick around for their controversial story. Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott right here with me coming up at 45 past the hour.

Well, Matt Damon`s "Bourne Ultimatum" is the hottest movie out there right now. And here`s an absolutely hysterical spoof out there, as well. Even if you aren`t familiar with the flick, I guarantee you will find this funny. Matt Damon even agreed to star in it. It was done by late night host Jimmy Kimmel, and his security guard, Guillermo, who is in many of Jimmy`s skits, co-stars.

Now, keep in mind, Kimmel always ends his show with an ongoing joke about Matt Damon being bumped as a guest because he ran out of time. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We have a situation.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Case is confirmed in Dallas.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Jason Bourne is within 1,000 yards of this place.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They gave you so many identities. Bourne, Reed Kane, Cheever. You were one of the first ones in the program.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hi, Noah. It`s me, Bourne Identity.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I was wondering when you were going to make this call.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m sitting in my office.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Why would you doubt that?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Because I`m sitting in your office.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Code 10 on Bourne.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Listen very careful what I have to tell you. I remember.

MATT DAMON, ACTOR: I remember everything.

Who the hell are you?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I am Jason Bourne Identity.

DAMON: Are you from Kimmel?


DAMON: Stay right there. What? Now he wants to bump me from my own (BLEEP) movies, huh? You can`t even say it right. It`s Jason.


DAMON: No, Jason.


DAMON: Ja, Ja, Jason.


DAMON: Did Kimmel send you down here?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who is Jimmy Kimmel?

DAMON: I didn`t say Jimmy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No speak English.

DAMON: No, no, no, man. Hey, hey, I asked you a question.

Come here, buddy. Hey! Hey!

You tell Kimmel that he cannot bump me from my own movie. You understand me?


DAMON: You understand?


DAMON: Do you understand me?


DAMON: Don`t you answer me unless I ask you a direct question. You understand?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But it was not --

DAMON: Sorry, that was my fault. That was a question. Answer me!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What was the question?

DAMON: What are you going to tell Jimmy Kimmel when you see him? Answer me!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Not to bump you.

DAMON: Why would you do that?

What the (BLEEP) is this? I mean, are you (BLEEP) are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? I mean, seriously, are you kidding me? Jimmy Kimmel is bumping me from my own (BLEEP) movie? For who, Guillermo?

(BLEEP) you, Kimmel!


ANDERSON: Matt Damon is a good sport. And, by the way, "Bourne Ultimatum" is currently number one at the box office. That Bourne chase spoof, really funny stuff, but I couldn`t believe it when I heard about a real-life scary chase.

A 7-year-old girl going after an alleged armed robber. I have that dramatic SHOWBIZ TONIGHT video of the day coming up next.

And Jody Foster, I think she`s a terrific talent and at 40 plus. Can you believe that? She is looking fantastic. Tonight she speaks out about plastic surgery. And, you know, she has some explosive stuff to say about how she avoided the problems that the Britneys, the Lindsay are having. Remember Jody was a very young Hollywood star, too.

Also this.


TORI SPELLING, ACTRESS: He deserved a lot more respect than to have inheritance money and family feuds on the cover of every magazine.


ANDERSON: Tori Spelling really opening up about the family feud over her legendary late father, TV producer Aaron Spelling`s, fortune. Plus how her new baby has totally changed her. Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott, right here with me. Stay with us.


ANDERSON: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, TV`s most provocative entertainment news show. I`m Brooke Anderson.

Time now for the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT video of the day. You have just got to check this out. A young North Carolina girl chased down a robber, seven- year-old Alicia was hanging out with her mom, a cashier at a convenience store.

A guy entered the store and pointed a gun at her mom. The guy grabbed some cash and cigarettes and that is when Alicia took action. She jumped over-the-counter and ran outside after him.

At one point the robber actually pointed the gun at the girl, but she wasn`t hurt, thankfully. Alicia`s mom says she`s a regular customer, so police should be able to track him down.

A brave little girl. Though, she probably should have stayed put. And that is the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT video of the day.

Tonight should Tori Spelling be worried about the so-called reality show "Marriage Curse"? All through the 1990s we knew Tori as Donna Martin on "Beverly Hills 90210". She managed to avoid the negative headlines unlike a lot of the young stars we see today.

Now Tori and her husband, Dean McDermott, are working on a new season of their reality show, "Tori & Dean In Love", which chronicles their trials and tribulations running their own bed & breakfast. This season where we get to see them as new parents. I sat down with Tori and Dean today. And they really opened up to me about everything, including the death of her legendary father Aaron Spelling.

I also pointed out that everybody from Nick Leche and Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline had reality shows, and later got divorced. And asked if they believe in the curse of the reality show when it comes to marriage.


DEAN MCDERMOTT, ACTOR: I didn`t know about it. It was actually --

SPELLING: Yeah, I knew about it.

MCDERMOTT: It was actually T that brought it to my attention.

SPELLING: After we signed on to do the show, told him about it, because it was too late.

MCDERMOTT: The ink wasn`t even dry on the contract, and she said, by the way.


And my theory on it is these couples, they don`t spend that much time together, and then all of a sudden they`re thrown together on this reality show. And they`re together 24 hours a day, and they`re, like, oh, I can`t stand you that much. Too much time with you. Our thing is we spend 24 hours a day together anyway. We do everything together.

MCDERMOTT: We can`t stand to be apart.


MCDERMOTT: Even an hour apart, we get all --

SPELLING: So, we`re together all the time. We`re always together all the time, so it`s no different for us. It`s a bonus time for me, especially because I get to work with my husband. I get to work with my son. I don`t have to leave home.

ANDERSON: In the first season you know, we watched you buy the bed & breakfast. You renovated it, got it up and running, off the ground. And now we get to see you with your new son, four-month-old adorable little Liam. Has the baby changed the way you look at things?

SPELLING: Yes. The baby really changes your perspective on life. I mean, you stress about all the little things that you spend so much time. They`re so useless. You have this baby, and that`s all that matters. He is what matters.

ANDERSON: Your father, he died a little over a year ago. And I know you two seemed very close. How difficult has it been going through all these life changes, these celebrations really, without him around?

SPELLING: It`s hard. It`s bittersweet because it`s really difficult not having him around. That he can`t hold Liam and be with him. But then the other part of it is I feel like my dad, in some way, brought Liam to us. We conceived Liam right after my dad passed and we look at Liam all the time, and like you`re an old soul.

MCDERMOTT: Sometimes when you look at him, he looks like Mr. Spelling. Unbelievable.

ANDERSON: And his middle name is Aaron, right?


ANDERSON: What a tribute.

SPELLING: So, I feel like he is with him, and us, every day. That makes me happy.

ANDERSON: During all of this, you know, tabloid attention and focus, cover story after cover story of, oh, just an $800,000 inheritance of this half a billion dollar fortune. How did you deal with that? Was it all surreal?

SPELLING: First and foremost, it made me sad because what this whole situation was really about was my dad. And he is a legend and a wonderful man. And he deserved a lot more respect than to have inheritance money and family feuds on the cover of every magazine. It should have been about him.

MCDERMOTT: His life should have been celebrated, and all of this stuff was nonsense.

ANDERSON: So you just tried to push it aside and move on?

SPELLING: Hard to push it aside. It was constant, but it was -- but luckily, I had Dean, and we got through it. And there were times we thought, oh, where is the light at the end of the tunnel. And then Liam came into our lives.

ANDERSON: That was the light.

MCDERMOTT: That was the light.

ANDERSON: I know a lot of attention on your relationship with your mother, too. How are things now? Have you reconciled? Is she in your life now?

SPELLING: Yes. Things are good. Again, Liam is a blessing. He came into our lives, and everything magically just went right.

ANDERSON: Everybody, of course, knew you as Donna in the beginning from "Beverly Hills 90210". You started that when you were, what, 16 years old.


ANDERSON: You kind of grew up in front of our eyes on the television. We didn`t see the stories of you going nuts at the clubs and drinking and driving, and this and that. What do you think, from your perspective, is going on today with young Hollywood?

SPELLING: I don`t know. I mean, I -- I can`t give advice on that. But I just know when people say why didn`t you kind of live the high life, and go crazy when you were a teenager, and suddenly thrust into the spotlight? All I can say is because I was given an amazing opportunity. And I was not going to, you know -- I wasn`t going to screw up the opportunity that I was given. And I had my eye on the prize. I wanted to be an actor, I had always wanted to be an actor. And I was going to be one. And you focus on that and then you down the right path.

ANDERSON: You think maybe the Britneys, Lindsays, those girls could benefit from getting away from the mayhem of L.A., moving to a smaller town?

MCDERMOTT: I think so. Because I think it`s kind of self- perpetuating. It`s hard to kind of go through a personal problem and everybody knows about it.

SPELLING: People see one side of it. They see the picture that`s printed in the weekly magazine each week. What they don`t see is -- I wish someone would turn the camera back around -- is the 50 photographers that are just bombarding you at every moment. That`s what these girls have to go through. And it`s not fair. It`s their time to kind of find themselves, and they shouldn`t have to deal with that.


ANDERSON: Tori and Dean`s reality show "Tori & Dean In Love" airs Tuesdays on Oxygen.

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Jody Foster has a lot to say about the Lindsays, Britneys, Paris`. Remember Jody was just a teenager when she started her career, but unlike those girls, she stayed out of trouble. Jody is revealing her secrets of how she did it. You bad girls should definitely listen up. That`s coming up next.


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All right, you just got to love Jody Foster and the way she look at life, fame, and privacy. At 44 her career is as strong as ever, as is her self-image. In an interview with "More" magazine, Jody says she feels more settled than ever. And as for cosmetic surgery, you won`t see her going under the knife. She said it`s just not her thing, and she would rather have someone say that girl has a big nose, than that girl has a bad nose job.

Jodie pretty much grew up in the spotlight. She was just 13 years old when she started with Robert DeNiro in "Taxi Driver." And yet, somehow she has managed to avoid the pit falls we see in young stars like Britney, Lindsay and Paris. Jody says one of the secrets to keeping to her success, is keeping her private life, private. She says her life is hers, and she doesn`t want to trivialize it by giving personal details about her family mainly to protect her two children.

She said, quote, "I think my kids will understand and respect it. In 20 years people will look back on my life, and I`ll be 65, and Britney Spears will be 45. And I think by then people will understand the value of privacy."

Very wise. For more with Jodie Foster, pick up a copy of "More" magazine on newsstands next Tuesday, August 14.

Yesterday we asked you to vote on our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT question of the day. It was this: Eddie Murphy, baby daddy drama. Has your opinion of him changed? And 40 percent of you say yes, it has; 60 percent of you say no, your opinion of him has not changed. And here are some of the emails we got. Listen to this.

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Julie from Iowa thinks, "He needs to get out of his character in his "Shrek" movies and stop being a donkey`s ass. How disappointing is this?"

We do appreciate your e-mails so keep them coming. I would like to know why Eddie Murphy waited so long to admit he was the daddy, and why couldn`t this battle have been kept hush-hush? That being said, it is time now to see what is coming up on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

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