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February 27, 2015  
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China inventions time line · China inventions time line
· Korea: Early history, time line
· Camp 2000: Millennium primer for Mideast peace
· Revolution and Iran

Written by former teachers, CNNfyi lesson plans are interactive tools for the classroom. An abundance of resources -- video, background stories, Internet links and more.
MTV: 20 years of entertainment innovation MTV: 20 years of entertainment innovation

Research and identify the factors that have contributed to the evolution of entertainment over the past 20 years and predict the future of entertainment innovation.
Stem cell research Stem cell research

Explore the issue of stem cell research and the government's role in the debate over federal funding for the controversial research.
Notable Women: A collection of resources Notable Women: A collection of resources offers this collection of educational partner resources to promote contributions of women.
   Social Studies
   + History

Aid granted to Yugoslavia Aid granted to Yugoslavia

As students learn about international aid to Yugoslavia, they can consider whether such aid should be tied to political actions of a country in need.
· Khatami victorious
· Powell's trip to the Mideast

   + Technology

Hurricane season predicted to be more intense Hurricane season predicted to be more intense

Students can explore what happens when a hurricane occurs and support or refute scientists' claims a major climate shift may mean a return to a period of increased numbers of major hurricanes.
· Lightning strikes
· Tiny creature may be man's relative


U.S., Mexico border a 'new frontier' U.S., Mexico border a 'new frontier'

Explain the risks and federal policies associated with the illegal immigration of Mexicans into the United States.
· Conflict in the Mideast
· Trafficking in humans


The U.S. economy: Where is it headed? The U.S. economy: Where is it headed?

Students can learn about what factors influence economic policies in the United States and make predictions about the economy for the coming six months.
· Hot jobs
· Fed cuts interest rates again

   Health + Fitness

High blood pressure study High blood pressure study

Students can develop a plan for young adults to help prevent cardiovascular disease.
· West Nile virus
· AIDS -- 20 years later

   Language Arts
   + Fine Arts

India's 'monkey man' India's 'monkey man'

What causes mass hysteria? Challenge students to determine how a rumor, such as the monkey man myth, begins and how it perpetuates.
· The sound of bluegrass
· New words


Manatee protection Manatee protection

Identify the criteria used to designate a species as endangered or threatened. Is the manatee still endangered?
· Gas drilling in Wyoming
· Energy sources


Crunching the numbers Crunching the numbers

Use's Must-See TV to have students conduct their own Nielsen Ratings.
· Power problems
· Power crisis

   World Languages

European superstate? European superstate?

Students will examine the changes in Europe's political map over the last 150 years and analyze the political, social and economic influences for a European superstate.
· Colombia in crisis
· Cuban connection

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